• Esther Garcés
  • María Lizana y Juan de Pilar
  • Isabel Julve y Ricardo Esteve
  • cafedelduende
  • 1481229_166293250247678_767810865_n
  • P1110485
  • P1120313
  • Amaro Carmona y José A. de Torres
  • P1120701
  • 1456849_160070857536584_1564844362_n
  • Manuel Serena  y Ana Lloris
  • 1388709_153631751513828_1746475483_n

Sunday 23 July 8 pm

Júlia Gimeno, baile
Paco Berbel, baile
Tomás de los Cariño, cante
Javier Calderón “El tete”, cante
Juan de Pilar, toque

One Response to “Sunday 23 July 8 pm”

  1. Hello we are visiting from England and would like to watch the show tomorrow satur day 7 Jan.
    Can we reserve a table for 3 people?


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