• Esther Garcés
  • María Lizana y Juan de Pilar
  • Isabel Julve y Ricardo Esteve
  • cafedelduende
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  • P1110485
  • P1120313
  • Amaro Carmona y José A. de Torres
  • P1120701
  • 1456849_160070857536584_1564844362_n
  • Manuel Serena  y Ana Lloris
  • 1388709_153631751513828_1746475483_n
  • P1120711

Saturday 23 September 11 pm

Paco Berbel. Baile
Eva Varela, baile
Tomás de los Cariño, cante
Javier Calderón “El tete”, cante
Juan de Pilar, toque

One Response to “Saturday 23 September 11 pm”

  1. Hello we are visiting from England and would like to watch the show tomorrow satur day 7 Jan.
    Can we reserve a table for 3 people?


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