• Esther Garcés
  • María Lizana y Juan de Pilar
  • Isabel Julve y Ricardo Esteve
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  • Amaro Carmona y José A. de Torres
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  • Manuel Serena  y Ana Lloris
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  • Enero 2012 Café del Duende 027

Thursday 23 November 10.30 pm

Manuel Fernández Reyes, cante
Amaro de Santa Fe, cante
Dani de Manuel, toque
Leo Molina, baile
Esther Garcés, baile

*open the doors at 9.30 pm

One Response to “Thursday 23 November 10.30 pm”

  1. Hello we are visiting from England and would like to watch the show tomorrow satur day 7 Jan.
    Can we reserve a table for 3 people?


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