Café del Duende

In the Café del Duende we love flamenco, that beautiful and deep way of expressing oneself through voice, guitar or dance; an art born in Andalucía a long time ago and fed by combinations coming from the depth of History and feelings; an art created with Moorish, Castilian and Jewish music, and shaped by gypsy airs; an art that since its first appearance hasn’t stop going back and forth, growing up, and being enriched without losing a drop of its greatness; an art which is nowadays more alive than ever, and that prompts in those who listen to it unforgettable feelings.

Thursdays: from 21.30 pm to 2.30 am / Fridays and Saturdays: from 10 pm to 3.30 am / Sundays. from 18.50 to 11 pm.
12€ con una consumición (cerveza, refresco o sangría)
Lugar: Café del Duende
District: Extramuros
Address: Calle Turia, 62 46008 Valencia
Phone: 630 455 289

In the current circumstances we inform you that the Café del Duende will continue to be closed, at least during the summer. We will inform you in due course of any news in this regard. The uncertainty is great, but our hope too.