Café del Duende

In the Café del Duende we love flamenco, that beautiful and deep way of expressing oneself through voice, guitar or dance; an art born in Andalucía a long time ago and fed by combinations coming from the depth of History and feelings; an art created with Moorish, Castilian and Jewish music, and shaped by gypsy airs; an art that since its first appearance hasn’t stop going back and forth, growing up, and being enriched without losing a drop of its greatness; an art which is nowadays more alive than ever, and that prompts in those who listen to it unforgettable feelings.

Thursdays: from 20.30 pm to 2.30 am / Fridays and Saturdays: from 10 pm to 3.30 am / Sundays. from 18.50 to 11 pm.
15€ con una consumición (cerveza, refresco o sangría)
Lugar: Café del Duende
District: Extramuros
Address: Calle Turia, 62 46008 Valencia
Phone: 630 455 289